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give me your closet: lydia martin.

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You remind me of someone. Someone who died.

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Fact: Ted Tonks was last seen traveling with Dean Thomas and Griphook

Fact: Dean and the Goblin ended up prisoners in Malfoy Manor, like the Trio.

Fact: Because she was a mudblood, Bellatrix tortured Hermionie for information

Theory: Ted Tonks was brought to Malfoy Manor by the Snatchers, tortured and killed by Bellatrix Lestrange as a personal warning to Andromeda Tonks. 

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"I feel like there are Maze Runner fans who know me from Teen Wolf, or there are Teen Wolf fans who’ve read the book because they know I’m going to be in the movie. They’re as passionate as if they’ve been a fan of mine for four years, even if they haven’t. It’s really cool they’re all, no matter what, insanely excited about it and are rooting for it.” *

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I was only a kid when I left Earth, and I had no idea what the universe had in store for me.

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send me a fandom and i’ll list my five favorite characters

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Mischief managed. 

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